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Roomba 880

The new Roomba 880 features the revolutionary AeroForce Performance Cleaning System by iRobot. Equipped with Lighthouse technology, Roomba 880 cleans one room before moving on to the next for effortless, room-to-room cleaning.
Manufacturer: iRobot

iRobot Roomba 880 Features

  • AeroForce Performance Cleaning System cleans floors like no robotic vacuum has ever cleaned before, delivering maximum cleaning performance by combining the power of iRobot's groundbreaking new AeroForce Extractors with airflow acceleration and a high-efficiency vacuum.
  • The new Tangle-Free AeroForce Extractors are virtually maintenance free, making it even easier for Roomba to tackle daily dirt build-up.
  • iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology enables Roomba to find its way around any shape or size of home, covering every area of floor multiple times for a complete clean.
  • Dirt Detect Series 2 finds dirt and debris, focusing extra cleaning where it’s needed most.
  • Virtual Wall Lighthouses automatically guide Roomba through room-to-room cleaning.
  • Automatic Docking returns Roomba to its Home Base to dock and recharge between cleaning sessions.
  • Scheduling enables you to preset Roomba to clean when it’s most convenient for you, up to seven times a week.
  • Full Bin Indicator lets you know when the bin needs to be emptied.
  • Spot Clean Mode has Roomba perform a quick clean-up of messes confined to a small area, such as a knocked over plant or tracked-in dirt.
  • iRobot XLife Extended Life Battery delivers twice as many cleaning cycles as previous Roomba batteries, doubling the time before you may need to replace your Roomba battery.

1) Tangle-Free Aero Force Extractors

Dual counter-rotating extractors incorporate a durable rubber tread design that grabs and breaks down dirt and debris from any floor type.

2) Airflow Accelerator

The Airflow accelerator brings the vacuum power right down to the surface, creating a sealed channel that concentrates the airflow and generates more power. Picks up tons of dust and debris.

3) High-Efficiency Vacuum

A compact and efficient high-powered motor provides a five times improvement in air power than previous Roomba generations


These results in greater performance and a cleaner floor as compared to the previous generation. 

● Is virtually maintenance free – AeroForce Extractors eliminate tangled hair.

● Removes up to 50 percent more dirt, dust, hair and debris.

● Uses a 5x more powerful vacuum than previous Roomba models.

● Holds 60 percent more dirt in the high capacity bin.

● New XLife battery delivers double the cleaning cycles over the life of the robot.


What's In The Box:

  • 1 iRobot Roomba 880
  • 1 iRobot XLife Battery
  • 2 Virtual Wall Lighthouses (batteries included)
  • 1 Integrated Home Base
  • 1 Remote Control (batteries included)
  • 1 Extra HEPA Filter
  • 1 Year Warranty On Robot, 6 Months Warranty On Battery


999.00 (S$)
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